What to do in an Advanced Revit API Course?

RTC Europe is a couple months away. That means its time to book airline tickets, get excited about how to spend 36 hours in Porto, and decide what to teach in my Revit API Advanced Lab.

Any suggestions?

4 thoughts on “What to do in an Advanced Revit API Course?

  1. I was testing the “IsBackupFile routine and believe it needs escape characters before the periods otherwise it results in false positives with certain filenames. For example this filename would result in a TRUE: “Final2 7415.rvt”

    – with slashes added to escape the periods:
    if (System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.IsMatch(filename, @”\.\d{4}\.\w{3}\b”, System.Text.RegularExpressions.RegexOptions.IgnoreCase))

  2. Hello.
    A great wish granted is a macro that reads one specific material in a compound wall and writes that material área to an specified excel cell. For exemple, there’s 15 types of walls in a project, and i want to select one specific type by name, then read one of the materials of that wall and write that value to an custom excel file, in cell D:10.

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