Hundreds of people have gained valuable skills through the Boost Your BIM Revit API video course. Save $ by using the coupon links below:

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Learn from the top Revit API professional – a great course if you are at all interested in Revit coding
As one of the guys involved in creating the Revit API, Harry is uniquely able to “think” in Revit API terms. He has an excellent problem-solving ability. Enjoy the course!

Unrivaled experience and support
I was at first reluctant to take an API course due to my lack of .NET experience. In retrospect, I feel stupid for hesitating at all. Harry has an unrivaled amount of experience with the Revit API and is always open to supporting the Revit API community. Putting this course together, he has created a easy-to-follow map of navigating the complex Revit API environment. He seems to always know the answers to any of the Technical Support questions asked by the students of the course and even extends his own code for review. I highly recommend this course to anyone that is looking to learn the ins-and-outs of the Revit API.

Great for starters
Harry’s teaching method it’s easy to follow and very efficient. The contents are more than enough to initiate yourself into the Revit API.

Very Worthwhile, Thank you Harry
I’ve completed this course and learned a lot of Revit API features that I was not aware of. Thank you, Harry! I’ll take what I’ve learned in this class and apply it to Revit in many ways.

Great Course and Excellent Tech Support – Highly Recommended
This course has been a great way for me to continue learning the RevitAPI and build practical projects. With great tech support Harry has helped with a number of trouble shooting areas. I highly recommend anyone looking to learn RevitAPI to take this course.

Awesome course…
This is a great course, will get you writing your first bit of Revit code in minutes.




25 thoughts on “Learn

  1. Thank Harry, today, i have a problem with offset wall and beam. Please tell me how to get boundingbox of structural framming of revit link!

  2. I bought this course but it seems u used the revit 2014 !!
    and i can not apply cuz the revit 2014 it is so old
    so why u did not make a new vedios explain the differences or at least update all your course and work on revit 2020 ?!?

    • Hi – All the videos that cover material that has changed in the API have been re-recorded. If you see any material that does not compile in Revit 2020, please let me know ASAP and I will fix it.

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