The best way to upgrade your Revit files

The top-rated upgrade tool in the Autodesk App Store is back for Revit 2021.

Satisfied customers say:

“Our teams with large campus projects no longer groan when it is time for the annual upgrade.”

“There are other solutions floating around in cyberspace but this one is the Holy Grail.”

“I have been using the Bulk File Upgrader for years. The best and easiest add-in to use. I recommend this to anyone who needs to upgrade files.”

“This program is amazing. It works great in all ways that you would expect. “

Features include:

  • Select which file types to upgrade
  • Add suffix to new file names
  • Set “workset open” option (All, Editable, Last Viewed, Specify)
  • Speed the opening process by only opening specified worksets
  • Options to
    • Discard worksets
    • Delete backup folders
    • Relinquish editable worksets
    • Delete backup files
    • Remap RVT Links when saving to a new folder
    • Open files with Audit option

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File Upgrade


Revit Lookup install for Revit 2021 & using Advanced Installer for easy MSI generation

Revit Lookup is a great open-source tool to help you better understand the data in your Revit model. I use it every day, and even if you aren’t writing Revit API code, sometimes it is still useful to get “under the hood” and better understand the data in your Revit model.


You can download the source and build it yourself, but that is not for everyone. So I created an MSI Installer that you can use to install the Lookup tool for Revit 2019, 2020, and 2021. I also submitted some changes to make it easier to build Revit Lookup for any release of Revit. Jeremy wrote a bit about it at The Building Coder.

I built the installer with Advanced Installer, a very powerful and easy to use tool for building your own installations developed by Caphyon. The drag-and-drop interface lets you quickly select the files you want to install and where the installation should place them on the target computer.

Advanced Installer has a freeware version with plenty of capabilities for many Revit API developers. If you want to support them and get even more features there are three different licenses that you can purchase.



Innovate & Improve by Learning The Revit API

“We see this an opportunity to find new ways to innovate, improve our process and keep this economy moving.” – Wendy Rogers, LPA, Chief Executive Officer

Boost Your BIM and LPA have worked together on great projects to improve their Revit processes, and Wendy is right that we all should keep innovating while staying healthy and safe.

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