New Revit API online course – Materials

Want to learn more about the Revit API for Materials? This is one of the areas where Autodesk has done a lot of great work over the past few years making much more functionality accessible to the API developer. But some of it can be tricky to figure out. So don’t waste time struggling with it, take this new course instead to quickly get up to speed.

Here are a few recent reviews from the Boost Your BIM introductory course on the Revit API:

“great way to learn a lot about how to program the Revit API”

“just exactly what I need to scale up”

“Great course, well structured, good ongoing updates for changes in versions”

If there are any material related topics that you don’t see listed in the curriculum, leave a comment so we can consider adding more lectures about what you want to learn.


Image-O-Matic is back! And Free!

Animate your Revit model by changing family parameters, displacement set offsets, or phases. Use it to test your family content by varying parameter values or to wow your colleagues with amazing animations. This popular tool now supports Revit 2019. You can download it from the Autodesk App Store here