Granting Steve’s “Project Version Wish”

Steve recently noted that “waiting for a Revit project to upgrade unnecessarily because I don’t know what version it was created in is a drag”. He mentioned two wishes:

“I’ve got a couple wishes. First I’d love it if Revit would store a value in the file properties that indicates Revit version. Second I’d love for Revit to ask first, “Do You WANT to UPGRADE? and a “NO, NOOOO, please on all things holy NOOOO” button.”

Sean rightfully suggested this would be a great opportunity for the Revit API to come to the rescue.

You know I love to grant a good wish!

Comments welcome as always… The install is available in my Revit API course at

‘Family Security Guard’ app now available for download


2012 Install 2013 Install Use free with the password “boost” or purchase license for $2.99

The user will be prompted for a password in two situations:

  1. In the project environment when they attempt to open the Family Types dialog
  2. When they attempt to open a family file

You can control if you want this check enabled for all Revit family files or not as follows:

  1. The password will be required to edit and open all family files if there is “AlwaysRequirePassword.txt” file in the BoostYourBIM-FamilySecurity.bundle\Contents folder.
  2. If this file does not exist, the password will only be required for families that contain an integer parameter named “AccessRestricted” with a value of 1 (or Yes, if you choose to make it a Yes/No parameter)

After the password is successfully entered, the user will not be prompted again for the password during that Revit session. If you purchase a license, a custom password can be set in the pwd.txt file in the BoostYourBIM-FamilySecurity.bundle\Contents folder.

NOTE: This app only protects families when this app is installed. There is no protection when someone without this app attempts to modify families.

‘Move Physical to Analytical’ app now available

Here’s something especially for all you Revit Structure fans…

This free app is now available at the Autodesk App Store at

Here’s how it works

  1. Move the analytical model of a floor or beam away from the physical model with the Analytical Adjust command in the Revit UI
  2. Run the “Move to Analytical” API command
  3. Select the analytical model of a beam or floor that has been moved with the Analytical Adjust command
  4. The element will move into the position of its analytical model (note that for floors, this command will move the floor but will not change the shape of its sketch)

Download the Revit Keyboard Shortcut Tutor today!

Keyboard Shortcut Tutor

2012 Install  2013 Install Purchase License (only $4.99)
  • Become a Revit speed demon
  • Leave your co-workers in the dust
  • Increase your productivity

Boost Your BIM’s keyboard shortcut tutor gives you a friendly reminder in a small modeless dialog box when you use the mouse to click on a command that has a keyboard shortcut. A button in the dialog lists all shortcuts.

Free version provides reminders for shortcuts that contain the letter “W”. If you find it helpful and want reminders for all shortcuts, please purchase a license.

Win a free, custom-built Revit API app for using Image-O-Matic!

To celebrate the posting of Image-O-Matic on the Autodesk Exchange, I am sponsoring a great contest!

  1. Download Image-O-Matic from the Autodesk Exchange and use it to make a great video showing the animation of a Revit family or phased model.
    For a Vasari installer, visit
  2. Email me for a free license so Image-O-Matic will be able to make large image files. Or purchase a license for only $4.99 at
  3. Upload your video to YouTube
  4. Leave a comment on this post with a link to your YouTube video

Contest ends February 15. Two winners will be chosen through a poll that I will post here after February 15 – one winner for phasing, one winner for instance parameters.

Each winner will get to design one Revit API app that I will build to their specifications!

The app should be approximately as complex as Image-O-Matic and I will collaborate with the winners to agree on the final design.  The winners will get a free, unlimited license to use them. Boost Your BIM will retain ownership of the app and its source code, but maybe I will share the source with the winners if I am feeling generous.

For more info on the lift family shown in this video and other amazing Revit projects by Marcello Sgambelluri, visit