Attach It

Attach any file (PDF, Word, XLS…) to your Revit file


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File Version Check

Revit 2013-2015 installer

File Upgrader

This tool allows you to specify a source folder containing Autodesk® Revit® files and have every file in that folder upgraded to the current version of Revit. All files are saved in a user-specified destination folder. Download this program at the Autodesk App Store.

Create a “View” text parameter for Detail Items. Then use this app to set the value for every Detail Item. The app will keep these values automatically updated as view and detail items are created and changed.

View Parameter for Detail Items

2014 Install

Create an instance parameter named “View” for the Detail Items category. Then this tool will automatically set and update that parameter when Detail Items and their Views are created and modified. This can be particularly useful in a Revit 2014 Detail Item Schedule if you want to schedule the view in which each detail item is located.

Level Displacer

2014 Install

Create Displacement Sets – one for each level – and translate each displacement set by a user-specified increment


Select Intersecting Elements

2013 / 2014 Install

In a complicated and crowded model, it can be hard to select the elements you want. This tool helps you select all elements that physically intersect with a specified element.

Select an element and use this tool to select all other elements that intersect with it.


Topo From Lines

2014 Install

Create model lines in Revit to define the contour lines for a toposurface. Run this command, select the lines, and your surface is created.


Section Box Fit

2013/2014 Install

Adjust the view’s section box to fit a selected wall.

Rotates the section box so that its sides are aligned with the wall faces.


In-N-Out Family Parameters

2014 Install2013 Install Use free for a limited number of families during each export, or purchase a license
  1. Select a folder to export parameter data for all families in that folder
  2. This produces a XLSX file that can be edited in Excel to set parameter values for each type
  3. Import this modified file back into Revit to update the parameter values of the families

Family Security Guard

2012 Install 2013 Install Use free with the password “boost” or purchase license for $2.99

The user will be prompted for a password in two situations:

  1. In the project environment when they attempt to open the Family Types dialog
  2. When they attempt to open a family file

You can control if you want this check enabled for all Revit family files or not as follows:

  1. The password will be required to edit and open all family files if there is “AlwaysRequirePassword.txt” file in the BoostYourBIM-FamilySecurity.bundle\Contents folder.
  2. If this file does not exist, the password will only be required for families that contain an integer parameter named “AccessRestricted” with a value of 1 (or Yes, if you choose to make it a Yes/No parameter)

After the password is successfully entered, the user will not be prompted again for the password during that Revit session. If you purchase a license, a custom password can be set in the pwd.txt file in the BoostYourBIM-FamilySecurity.bundle\Contents folder.

NOTE: This app only protects families when this app is installed. There is no protection when someone without this app attempts to modify families.

Keyboard Shortcut Tutor

2012 Install 2013 Install 2014/2015 Install Purchase License (only $9.99)
  • Become a Revit speed demon
  • Leave your co-workers in the dust
  • Increase your productivity

Boost Your BIM’s keyboard shortcut tutor gives you a friendly reminder in a small modeless dialog box when you use the mouse to click on a command that has a keyboard shortcut. A button in the dialog lists all shortcuts.

Free version provides reminders for shortcuts that contain the letter “W”. If you find it helpful and want reminders for all shortcuts, please purchase a license.

Move To Analytical

2013 Install

Move beams and floors to the location of their analytical model.
How to use:

  1. Move the analytical model of a floor or beam away from the physical model with the Analytical Adjust command in the Revit UI
  2. Run the “Move to Analytical” API command
  3. Select the analytical model of a beam or floor that has been moved with the Analytical Adjust command
  4. The element will move into the position of its analytical model (this command will move a floor but does not change the shape of its sketch)


Revit 2013 Install Vasari Install Purchase License
Revit 2014 Install

Do you want to animate your Revit model? Instead of a tedious process of manually changing parameters and exporting images, you can use Image-O-Matic to automatically create dozens, hundreds, or thousands of images to show phases or a range of parameter values. Use these images to easily review your design, create slideshows, consider alternatives, or merge them into a video file.

Parameter Values

Each image using a different Parameter values for the selected family instance

parameters screenshot parameter


Each image uses a different Phase setting for the active View

phases screenshot phasing

Wall Opening

This tool measures two values and stores them in wall instance parameters:

  1. The total area of all openings in the wall
  2. The total area of all openings in the wall whose area is less than a user specified value:

In the image shown below there are two walls. The wall on the left contains:

  • 3 openings with area of 1 sq ft
  • 1 opening with area of 8 sq ft
  • 1 opening with area of 49 sq ft

The wall on the right contains:

  • 1 opening with area of 8 sq ft
  • 1 opening with area of 49 sq ft

The schedule shows values computed when the tool is run twice with maximum areas 2 and 9.



Level Generator

Create multiple levels in your project quickly and easily with this tool. Reduce the amount of clicking and typing that you need to do when setting up your project. You can include a prefix and suffix for the name of each level and a Start Number that will be incremented for each new level.


Suggest a Product!

Do you have a product idea you’d like to suggest? Your suggestions are welcome!

Terms of Use

This is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or an entity), the end user, and Boost Your BIM regarding use of this software. By installing, copying, or otherwise using the Software, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, do not install or use this Software. This license agreement applies to any and all software and code downloaded from The Software or any other materials provided in this package may not be modified in any way. You may not upload the software to a freeware or shareware site without first receiving written permission from Boost Your BIM. Also no parts of The Software or other files provided in this package may be reproduced in part or in whole. You may not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble this software product.

Boost Your BIM expressly disclaims any warranty for this software. The Software is provided “AS IS”. You agree that by accepting this license, you are expressly acknowledging that the use of this software is at your own risk. Any harm or damage to your system by running this software will also be for your own risk.

44 thoughts on “Products

  1. when I click the link I am redirected to a page which says Google drive – the app is curently unreachable

  2. […] Do you want to animate your Revit model? Instead of a tedious process of manually changing parameters and exporting images, you can use Image-O-Matic to automatically create dozens, hundreds, or thousands of images to show phases or a range of parameter values. Use these images to easily review your design, create slideshows, consider alternatives, or merge them into a video file. Find out more at […]

    • Hi Jacob,

      Hopefully Keyboard Shortcuts 2014 will be available in the App Store soon. In the meantime, you should be able to copy the BoostYourBIM-KeyboardShortcutTutor.addin and the BoostYourBIM-KeyboardShortcutTutor.bundle folder from %APPDATA\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\2013 to %APPDATA\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\2014.


  3. Hi, I tried to install the “Section Box Fit” but it gives me an error saying the DLL required to install could not run. I have updated everything in windows 7, check the programs compatibility, etc … I don’t know what to do more..any idea of what could be happening?

  4. Hi, I have used your file up-grader for Revit 2014 with great success. Do you have the file up-grader for Revit 2015 now that it is out?

  5. Not sure where this is posting to so please move where appropriate… Is there a way to use a calculated total in a formula on a schedule using the API?

    • You could do a combination of these things in the API:
      – Compute the total
      – Do the math for the formula
      – Put the resulting value in a shared parameter
      That could be more than you want to do in the API instead of using the Schedule UI, but I think that is what would be required to solve the problem.

      put the formula in the API code where the API could get the calculated total. The

  6. The bulk file upgrader is noted as free on this website but when you click the link to the download at autodesk exchange it shows a $99.00 price. Is there a free version somewhere?

  7. Hi,
    I am trying to use the File Version Check plugin and the output contains this record for all our Projects: “File >50MB skipped in trial version”

    OK, thats fine, happy to pay… but how? I can’t find anything about who or how much to pay! The Plugin is listed as ‘Free’ On AAX (should be ‘Trial’?) and is listed as ‘Free’ everywhere else, but it is expecting payment.

    As I said, happy to pay, just need to know how!

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