Get your #Revit API #RTCEUR Wishes Ready

Another Revit Technology Conference is almost here… That means it is almost time for Boost Your BIM to grant another round of Revit API Wishes!

Start thinking about now about how you’d like to Make Revit Better and post them as comments here or tweet them to @BoostYourBIM. Wishes will be granted live from Porto starting on Thursday morning right up until Saturday’s gala dinner.

4 thoughts on “Get your #Revit API #RTCEUR Wishes Ready

  1. Revit MEP Fabrication Hanger Placement

    Harry I wish for you to illustrate how we can go about splitting MEP Pipework at certain distances on the horizontals with Revit MEP Hangers. I know generally you show macros, but it would be neat to see you incorporate a windows form to teach users how to select from a list of a certain category of ductwork or any category of items from a drop down window, all within a Revit Macro that places that family along the length of the fabrication pipe. Hope you have a safe trip and that things are well! I look forward to seeing everyone else’s wishes!

    Brian D. Nickel
    The Revit Saver

  2. Hi,
    I was wondering if there was a solution to purging unused Revit elements from a Revit model using an add-in or at least some code that could be leveraged that purging unused other than the post command, which is limited to one purge and you cant operate the dialog programmatically. At least a general method for all model system families and all loadable families as a start?

  3. I’d like to have some sort of time stamp added to journal files. I’m thinking something like an addin or macro that just notes the current time at specified intervals. The use would be for tracking performance – what processes take a long time, and how much how much time.

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