File Version Check & Reporting Tool enhanced for 2015

The File Version Check tool has been updated and enhanced for Revit 2015. It provides a cancellable dialog before upgrading files from a previous version and produces reports about the

Download the 2015 installer at
This trial version works with all files up to 50MB. Contact Boost Your BIM to upgrade.


3 thoughts on “File Version Check & Reporting Tool enhanced for 2015

  1. Harry, just had a though as I was inventorying our network drives.
    How much of this tool is dependent on the internal Revit API?

    Any chance of making it a stand-alone routine that could be run from Windows?
    It would be wonderful to just run a Scheduled Task every night, or every week, and report on the versions of all the .rvt’s on the network.

    • Hi Dave,

      Glad you like it. File name, size, and last modified info comes from the .NET API. The rest of it uses the Revit API. You could create a scheduled task to run Revit and invoke the command from within Revit.


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