Granting Steve’s “Project Version Wish”

Steve recently noted that “waiting for a Revit project to upgrade unnecessarily because I don’t know what version it was created in is a drag”. He mentioned two wishes:

“I’ve got a couple wishes. First I’d love it if Revit would store a value in the file properties that indicates Revit version. Second I’d love for Revit to ask first, “Do You WANT to UPGRADE? and a “NO, NOOOO, please on all things holy NOOOO” button.”

Sean rightfully suggested this would be a great opportunity for the Revit API to come to the rescue.

You know I love to grant a good wish!

Comments welcome as always… The install is available in my Revit API course at


13 thoughts on “Granting Steve’s “Project Version Wish”

  1. HM does it again!

    Harry, we spoke about this at RTC Europe and I’m glad you’ve figured it out. Will save hours if you could make it publicly available!


  2. The tool is very useful. Few comments below.
    – The tool recognize folders, but is it possible to include the subfolders inside the folder
    – Inside the Folder it should Create a Revit Version Folder and move the file to the pertaining folders
    – The Interface can be more Visual – follow the below link.

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