Get room data for elements in RVT links

A Revit guru asked:

“Have you ever shared room data across Revit links successfully? If you have 10 linked projects from different authors / disciplines, and the official room data only exists in one of them (say architectural), have you figured out a way to create a cross discipline room schedule?”

For example, your walls & rooms are in rooms.rvt. Furniture is in furniture.rvt which is linked into rooms.rvt. How do you figure out the room for each piece of furniture?

With the API, of course!


4 thoughts on “Get room data for elements in RVT links

  1. Harry, That’s pretty impressive. Would you mind sharing the code for that? You just sparked an idea that I want to try and copy element ids to a shared parameter. Ideally I would like to run a macro then select a model element followed by a selecting an annotation element. The Macro would copy the element id from the model element to the shared parameter in the annotation element. Would this even be possible?

  2. Harry,
    I had no idea this was even possible. I often get frustrated with the fact we can’t get any real data out of links. Not sure if we are ready to wrestle with the API but it’s great to know what is possible!

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