Logging data when opening Revit files

Here’s a prototype of a new tool to track data about your Revit files, who opens them, how long the open takes, if they need to be upgraded, and more. Please leave a comment if you like this or have ideas about how to make it better.

Data Collected:

Open Started Open Completed Elapsed (HH:MM:SS) User File Name File Size (MB) Central File File Last Saved Version Saved in Current Version Revit Version Name Revit Version # Revit Build #

Sample Data:
Untitled Open times are rounded down to the nearest second.

13 thoughts on “Logging data when opening Revit files

    • Good point. The API can be used to get a list of open worksets. Would it be helpful to add to this spreadsheet the # of open user worksets, names of all open user worksets, # of closed worksets, or something else?

  1. Looks awesome. Is there any way to track how long Revit is the active window? That way we would know how much users are actually in the program working versus just having the file open.

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