Dynamic Model Update to warn or log after a user operation

Maybe the approach in the previous post, of completely shutting down the Import command, is too harsh. This example shows how a Dynamic Model Update macro can give a warning after the user imports a CAD file. For some introductory comments on Dynamic Model Update, see https://boostyourbim.wordpress.com/2012/12/17/automatically-run-api-code-when-your-model-changes.

Instead of (or in addition to) the TaskDialog warning used in the code below, you could do other things like write information to a log file (to submit to Human Resources and include in the Revit user’s permanent record!) or require the user to enter a password to complete the operation – if the wrong password is entered then delete the element id returned by data.GetAddedElementIds().

private void Module_Startup(object sender, EventArgs e)
    ImportInstanceUpdater updater = new ImportInstanceUpdater(this.Application.ActiveAddInId);
                               new ElementClassFilter(typeof(ImportInstance)),
    catch {}

public class ImportInstanceUpdater : IUpdater
    static AddInId m_appId;
    static UpdaterId m_updaterId;
    // constructor takes the AddInId for the add-in associated with this updater
    public ImportInstanceUpdater(AddInId id)
        m_appId = id;
        m_updaterId = new UpdaterId(m_appId, new Guid("FBFBF6A2-4C06-42d4-97C1-D1B4EB593EFF"));
    public void Execute(UpdaterData data)
        Document doc = data.GetDocument();
        Autodesk.Revit.ApplicationServices.Application app = doc.Application;
        foreach (ElementId addedElemId in data.GetAddedElementIds())
            ImportInstance ii = doc.GetElement(addedElemId) as ImportInstance;
            if (ii.IsLinked == false)
                TaskDialog.Show("Hey!", app.Username + " - Maybe should should have linked that CAD instead of importing it.");
    public string GetAdditionalInformation(){return "Check to see if CAD file was imported";}
    public ChangePriority GetChangePriority(){return ChangePriority.FloorsRoofsStructuralWalls;}
     public UpdaterId GetUpdaterId(){return m_updaterId;}
    public string GetUpdaterName(){return "Import Check";}

One thought on “Dynamic Model Update to warn or log after a user operation

  1. Just a note: Please keep in mind that an updater should not show a warning (in a commercial application, that is.) If the updater does not “agree” with some of the changes made, it should post a failure. For more info refer to the Failure API in Revit SDK.

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