The best way to upgrade your Revit files

The top-rated upgrade tool in the Autodesk App Store is back for Revit 2021.

Satisfied customers say:

“Our teams with large campus projects no longer groan when it is time for the annual upgrade.”

“There are other solutions floating around in cyberspace but this one is the Holy Grail.”

“I have been using the Bulk File Upgrader for years. The best and easiest add-in to use. I recommend this to anyone who needs to upgrade files.”

“This program is amazing. It works great in all ways that you would expect. “

Features include:

  • Select which file types to upgrade
  • Add suffix to new file names
  • Set “workset open” option (All, Editable, Last Viewed, Specify)
  • Speed the opening process by only opening specified worksets
  • Options to
    • Discard worksets
    • Delete backup folders
    • Relinquish editable worksets
    • Delete backup files
    • Remap RVT Links when saving to a new folder
    • Open files with Audit option

Your purchase helps support all the free API content and training material here at Boost Your BIM.

File Upgrade


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