17 thoughts on “Attach any file (PDF, Word, XLS…) to your Revit file

  1. Congratulations on getting this ready for distribution – very exciting to see it released. I have just installed it on 2019 to trial it.
    On the Ghostscript requirements, can you please provide guidance on which licence is required, commercial or open source?

  2. When I attach an excel file, how do I make it show up in a view? I see it attached but cannot find it in any views. The PDF attach works great, have been in need of that for a while.

    • With the current version of this tool, only PDF files can be converted to images and imported into drafting views. All other file formats can be attached to the Revit file and then viewed in their native viewers but pushing the View button in the Attach It dialog.

      If you’d like to test out a new version with image support for Excel files, please email me at boostyourbim@gmail.com

      • I would be looking to embed datasheets into the model. It would be great to be able to assign the datasheet for the equipment as a parameter. So if someone selects the family in the model, one of the parameters is the link to the embeded file. Currently we do this with links to external folders, however it would be much better to be able to embed the file instead of just linking to it.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong. Currently, I link cut sheets of plumbing fixtures to my job folder using a URL parameter that I created. Works fine for anyone on our network, but useless if not. Would this embed the pdf into the family so anyone could open it?

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