Store data from any file (PDF, XLS, DOC…) in your RVT

Would you like to store data from any file in your RVT?

An easy way to create multiple drafting views with imported images for every page of a PDF?

The ability to embed any file (from Excel, PDF, Word or anything else) in your RVT?

17 thoughts on “Store data from any file (PDF, XLS, DOC…) in your RVT

      • That’s a tough question since I’ve lived without this ability, I can’t put a value on it until I’ve seen how it much I’ve been needing it. It looks useful but not sure we would use it enough to spend much on it.

  1. embedded meaning not linked. so if I change my doc, the old doc will remain in the RVT file and I will need to update it manually, right?

    • As currently implemented, yes. I could add the option to auto-update. The data from the external PDF, XLS, DOC… would still be saved in the RVT, but if the external file changes then the data saved in the RVT would automatically update. Would that be of interest to you?

  2. Do the images it creates from importing a PDF get scaled so that the text is ready to be printed without manual scaling?

  3. Hi Harry,

    Any ETA on this one? I see a very specific use case that would have been brilliant on a previous project.

    I’ve been wondering though, in the instance that you’re delivering a model to a client where you have used this addin to bundle data, what is the process for extracting the files? Will the client need a licensed copy of the addin as well, or is there an opportunity for a free extensible storage reader/loader that has no option to add or modify files?

    I know you’re showing screenshots taken and placed on detail views, but I would want the client to have the option to view/extract the data of the stored file in it’s native format.

    The obvious option is to send them all the data external to the model, but that would be duplicating information.

    Final question, is there some way to handle opening the stored file from a URL parameter of an element? Say for example have an “rvt://” URL or similar which then passes the data to the addin and then opens the file?

    • Hi Ryan – Thanks for the good suggestions & questions. My inclination is to have a single license type that is needed to both attach files and view attached files, but I am open to charging more for the attach tool and making the viewer free. The screenshots on detail view is an option I provide for PDF files, but otherwise the file is stored in its native format. Could you explain more the URL idea?

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