#RTCNA2016 Wish 1 Granted!

Timothy had this API wish:

In Activate View event, If active workset contains “XX”, show task dialog warning user they are about to draw on an incorrect workset. We lock out users from “XX Shared Levels and Grids”, “XX Scope Boxes”, and “XX Links”

public void registerEvent()
    Application app = this.Application;
    UIApplication uiapp = new UIApplication(app);
    uiapp.ViewActivated += new EventHandler<ViewActivatedEventArgs>(uiapp_ViewActivated);

public void uiapp_ViewActivated(object sender, ViewActivatedEventArgs e)
    Document doc = e.Document;
    string activeWorksetName = GetActiveWorkset(doc).Name;
    if (activeWorksetName.Contains("XX"))
        TaskDialog.Show("Warning", "Do not create elements in 'XX' workset: " + activeWorksetName);

public Workset GetActiveWorkset(Document doc)
    // Get the workset table from the document
    WorksetTable worksetTable = doc.GetWorksetTable();
    // Get the Id of the active workset
    WorksetId activeId = worksetTable.GetActiveWorksetId();
    // Find the workset with that Id 
    Workset workset = worksetTable.GetWorkset(activeId);
    return workset;

3 thoughts on “#RTCNA2016 Wish 1 Granted!

  1. Can this be used for View templates? As in warning “you are about to deviate from the company view settings”?

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