It’s #RTCEUR Wish List Time

Revit Technology Conference Europe is here, so its time for Boost Your BIM to grant your API wishes? What is this all about? Check out to see previous wishes granted. Submit yours as comments here or tweet to @BoostYourBIM with hastag #RTCEUR

8 thoughts on “It’s #RTCEUR Wish List Time

  1. Hi Harry,

    Using Revit API how can I make a select office address dialogue box appear? Currently run a Instance Parameter label within the title block within Revit.

  2. The New DatumPlane methods enable us to Add Leaders and Set Leaders to grids in Views. But what about removing leaders? I cannot find a method to remove a leader if one already exists. Removing the Bubble will remove a leader, until the Bubble is turned back on, then the leader reappears.

    • If you are interested in dividing the sketch of an existing floor, no that cannot be done. It is possible to get the sketch lines of the floor but they cannot be modified. If you have created a Part for the floor and want to divide the Part, yes that can be done with PartUtils.DivideParts

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