What data do you want to get out of your RVTs?

RTC Europe is drawing near, where I will be giving a presentation “Get the Data Out: Calculating & Computing What Revit Won’t Give You

Your Revit models contain incredible amounts of valuable data. Often you can access this data using schedules, data export, and 3rd party tools. But in many cases, custom API development is needed to get the data you need. This course will present case studies showing the value of this approach.

As I am preparing the course, it would be great to learn about situations where you have wanted to get geometry or parameter data from your Revit model but have found it difficult or impossible. Please share your thoughts in the comments and I will follow up with anyone whose suggestions make it into the course material.

3 thoughts on “What data do you want to get out of your RVTs?

  1. A simple use case is Room Data Sheets, you want everything contained within a room regardless of which model it came from. You do a multicategory schedule, add room parameters only to find that some families like system families are not included (finishes, ceilings, walls).

    There are things like painted surfaces which can be scheduled through a material schedule, but that info can’t be pushed back to objects that are painted.

  2. Occupancy calculations! As you know, there are two types of spaces in the building code (IBC): those where occupancy is calculated based on Net areas, the others based on Gross areas. For the former we can use Room objects and for the latter we can use Areas (in Area Plans). The problem is to mash the data together in one schedule. I’m currently developing a workflow via a spreadsheet tool (from CTC) to take this data, perform calcaulations and write it back to a series of non-model families (detail components) so an aggregated schedule can be created. Klutzy, but does the job.

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