#RTCNA wish not granted (sorry!)

A request was made to “Turn off revision in a revision schedule in project. If I am working on RFI 2 when RFI 1 has not been submitted, i don’t want to confuse the Contractor, so would be nice if I can turn it off”

Because I think there is value is seeing how to figure out if something can or can’t be done, here is how I checked the CanFilter value of a titleblock revision schedule. Because it returned ‘false’ I don’t think this wish is grantable 😦

public void filterRevisionSchedule()
    Document doc = this.ActiveUIDocument.Document;
    foreach (ViewSchedule vs in new FilteredElementCollector(doc)
             .Cast<ViewSchedule>().Where(q => q.IsTitleblockRevisionSchedule))
        TaskDialog.Show("Can filter?", vs.Definition.CanFilter().ToString());

5 thoughts on “#RTCNA wish not granted (sorry!)

  1. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to RTCNA this year but, as always, your posts are great and it’s great to see what others are asking for. Although I don’t know the exact context of this “wish” and maybe I’m misunderstanding, but I’d like to just throw this at you and maybe it’ll help.

    If you hide all the clouds from RFI 1 on the sheet and in each view on that sheet, then RFI 1 wouldn’t be in the revision schedule on that sheet. So this could be done with a button to hide/show a specific revision on specific sheets, which would make them not visible while working, or you could keep them visible and use the printing and printed events to do it.

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