What would you like to learn to do with the Revit API?

Revit Technology Conference 2015 in Washington, DC is only 6 weeks away! In addition to all the wonderful classes, social events, and general greatness of RTC, I will be teaching two Revit API labs:

  1. You Can Be a Revit Programmer! – A hands-on class covering basic concepts in Revit API development.
  2. Advanced Concepts in the Revit API

Whether or not you will be at RTC, I’d love to know what you’d like to have included in either of these courses. I’ll use some of your suggestions in the course, and others for future blog posts.

Also, if you have taken a lab at RTC, AU, or elsewhere, what has made it great (or not so great)?


10 thoughts on “What would you like to learn to do with the Revit API?

  1. Hi Harry! I got a big request Convert a mass family that’s made out of just extrusions to a family made in the traditional family editor that’s made of extrusions

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  2. First of all, than you for your blog, your course and all the work you are putting forward… I actually feel like I am, with small steps, learning to programme and some months ago it seemed a dream.
    I would really love being able to solve 3 particular problems I am currently struggling with:
    1) Measure the finishings of the walls (meaning the outer layer) in relationship with the room they close.
    2) Save a 2015 file as 2014, is there any method for that?
    3) Turn a 2D drawing into a Revit pattern.
    Are those 3 even possible? I feel like I am asking the genie for 3 wishes, but it is worth a try. Thanks for your help in advance.

  3. I’d love to attend this year but am unable to. Will there be any opportunity to view the class as a recording? I emailed RTC events and haven’t received a reply. Thanks!

  4. Hi Harry,

    I am really interested in a workflow such this:

    1. Take some 100 triangular adaptive component panels.
    2. Create a new 3D View for each where view is perpendicular to panel face (same as clicking 3d gizmo and aligning to face).
    3. Locking that view so that i can place annotation in it.
    4. Creating dimensions for each edge of triangular face.
    5. Taking such view and placing it on a sheet.

    I hope that’s not too much to ask. 🙂

  5. Hello Harry,

    Looking forward to your API class at RTC.

    My API request would be for a way to turn on and off Add-ins to Revit without having to uninstall and reinstall. I have a lot of add-ins installed, but when I teaching a Revit Fundamental s class I like to have my Revit set back to Basic out of the box Revit so its the same same as all the students.

    Maybe this could be as simple as they way you can turn on and off panels in ACAD Ribbon but for a Revit.



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