Unrestricted dimension overrides

Have you ever been frustrated by this error?
If so, I have good news for you!
That restriction does not apply to the Revit API, and the Dimension.ValueOverride property allows you to do great things like this:


7 thoughts on “Unrestricted dimension overrides

  1. OOOh! Well cool, but I think that was a major flaw in AutoCAD that you could override the dimension. It allowed the production of inaccuracies. I like the fact that everything has to be more accurate. It allows everyone to be more accountable for their work, and the end of the “Design Intent”. Model what is going to be built, and don’t Fake it! If you were to add up 1/16″ of a difference of accuracy over a 100′-0″ span, you end up with a 6.25″ deficiency.

    I believe this is not a very good design practice. You should not be able to override the dimension. This only creates RFI’s or Change Orders down the road, and makes the Design Team look all the more incompetent for having inaccurate drawings.

    I believe this should be restricted even in the API.

  2. Oh god… please don’t let this get out into the wild. One of the reasons we like Revit is that you CAN’T dimension something that it is really not. That way building per the drawings and building per the model are roughly the same thing. Bypassing that could cause a whole lot of problems….

  3. Harry How you Doing?looks like everyone loved your class at rtceur

    I was coincidentally going to show how to extract and schedule adaptive component point locations via dynamo in my Dynamo class at AU 2014

    I was wondering if I could show your API code solution as a comparison to dynamo and them give your website a huge plug. That ok with you? I will be mentioning at dynamo is just another solution that does not require c# coding to get the same result Let me know Marcello

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  4. I agree that fake dimension might not be a good idea when modeling in Revit
    but in some case we do like to override dimension.
    I’m working in structural engineer consultant.
    we have a lot of typical details need to be converted from our old CAD system, and most of them are not to scale. It sounds good to me if i can override the dimension without any restriction when I’m converting N.T.S. details into Revit.

  5. Sometimes a dimension override is necessary. While it’s easy to Band-Aid this restriction, eliminating it could be a risk (aside from defeating one of the core purposes of this technology). It would be great to include a value override parameter to Dimension Families or Types. Where the Family or Type override property is set to On, perhaps the color of the dimension string is noticeably different. Those dimensions would be easily identified and considered both on screen and in print.

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