#RTCEUR Wish 2: Override element display by View Filters

To conclude this set of 3 posts showing how to override display of elements, this shows how to create a view filter for elements with a Comments instance parameter equal to “override”. The list of element ids is used to set this instance parameter. A view filter is created and set to use this rule, the view filter is applied to the view, and the graphics of this filter is overridden.

public void viewFilter()
    Document doc = this.ActiveUIDocument.Document;

    OverrideGraphicSettings ogs = new OverrideGraphicSettings();
    ogs.SetCutLineColor(new Color(255,255,0));
    ogs.SetProjectionLineColor(new Color(0,255,255));    
    IList<ElementId> catIds = new List<ElementId>();
    IList<FilterRule> rules = new List<FilterRule>();
    ElementId commentParamId = new ElementId(BuiltInParameter.ALL_MODEL_INSTANCE_COMMENTS);
    rules.Add(ParameterFilterRuleFactory.CreateEqualsRule(commentParamId, "override", true));
    using (Transaction t = new Transaction(doc,"View Filter"))
        foreach (ElementId id in getIds(doc))
        ParameterFilterElement filter = ParameterFilterElement.Create(doc, "New Filter", catIds, rules);
        doc.ActiveView.SetFilterOverrides(filter.Id, ogs);

4 thoughts on “#RTCEUR Wish 2: Override element display by View Filters

  1. This macro is amazing. Only one quick question, is it posible to override the surface pattern of a material or an element so that it does have a color even when using the hidden line visual mode? How can one change the surface pattern with the api? Thanks in advance

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