#RTCNA Wish 6: Save all groups to file

In response to a tweet asking to save all groups, I responded that there is no API for Save Group. That’s true, but all hope is not lost.

This video shows how the API can be used to generate a text file listing all model groups. Then this text file is used as input to a journal file that saves each group to its own file.


4 thoughts on “#RTCNA Wish 6: Save all groups to file

  1. Is there currently a more thorough explanation of what you are doing here? or would you be willing to share the Macro and SaveGroupsJournalFile.txt you use in this demonstration?

  2. You have a group which includes a floor. Did this actually get converted over to a family? Was the floor created via a system family or was it simply an extrusion? I would love to know if a work around exists to include system families in custom families. 🙂

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