#RTCNA Wish 5: Delete (almost) all revisions

Scott sent a tweet about deleting all revisions from a project. The tricky part is that, just like how the UI grays out the Delete button when there is only one revision in the project, we can’t use the API to delete the last revision.
This code uses the Revit 2015 API because the Revision class is new to 2015.

public void DeleteRevisions()
    Document doc = this.ActiveUIDocument.Document;

    // get list of all revisions in the document
    ICollection<ElementId> elementIds = new FilteredElementCollector(doc)
    // Remove the first revision from the list
    // Revit must have one revision in the document, so we can't delete them all

    using (Transaction t = new Transaction(doc,"Delete Revisions"))

One thought on “#RTCNA Wish 5: Delete (almost) all revisions

  1. Awesome! Thank you, looks relatively straightforward! Now to try and find the customer at #RTCNA that asked me if it could be done!

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