Revit disappears after startup with a Windows 8.1 Clean Boot

Has anyone ever seen something like this?

I was having some problems with Windows (like Windows Explorer freezing when I try to create a new folder). So I did a Clean Boot and used shexview.exe to disable the non-Microsoft entries.

These changes seem to have fixed the problems I was having with Chrome and Windows Explorer, but now I can’t run Revit. Revit starts, the startup page briefly appears, then the Revit session dissapears. Does anyone know what might be happening? I’d really appreciate your help!

The last lines of the journal file are:

Jrn.Command “Internal” , “Show or hide recent files , ID_STARTUP_PAGE”
‘ 0:< ::1:: Delta VM: Avail -26 -> 134216371 MB, Used 217 MB; RAM: Avail -3 -> 5496 MB, Used +2 -> 310 MB
‘C 09-Jun-2014 22:19:25.709; 0:< <-processShellCommand
‘ 0:< ->DesktopMFCApp::doStartupWarnings
‘C 09-Jun-2014 22:19:25.710; 0:< manage licensing
‘ 0:< ::1:: Delta VM: Avail -85 -> 134216287 MB, Used +8 -> 226 MB, Peak +0 -> 226 MB; RAM: Avail -47 -> 5450 MB, Used +34 -> 345 MB, Peak +29 -> 345 MB
‘C 09-Jun-2014 22:19:28.617; 0:< License checkout failed: 20
‘C 09-Jun-2014 22:19:28.618; 0:< License cleanup skipped

Process Monitor shows:


UPDATE:  This checkbox for FLEXnet needed to be turned back on. Problem solved thanks to the suggestion from Luke Johnson.


4 thoughts on “Revit disappears after startup with a Windows 8.1 Clean Boot

  1. Hi Harry. Last time something like that happened to me was because the installer downloaded with an error (Revit 2014). I uninstalled and downloaded everything again.
    Good luck.

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