Maintaining order & preventing #Revit chaos

In a few weeks I will be speaking at Revit Technology Conference in Chicago about how the Revit API can help you maintain order and prevent chaos in your Revit adventures.

Techniques such as “using Worksets as a security guard” can work, but when you have 100s or 1000s of person-months of effort invested in your 400MB RVT file, you might want a much more complete set of tools to monitor, audit, and protect your model.

It would be great to have your input to shape this course (and related posts on this blog). Please leave your comments on this post or contact me at

6 thoughts on “Maintaining order & preventing #Revit chaos

  1. Hey Harry. Are you going to RTC chicago?
    Marcos Saul
    Director of Arch & Structural BIM Content/Fabrication/4D


    T 949 340 6924 ext 4034 F 949 606 1974 1931
    Newport Blvd. Ste B Costa Mesa, CA 92627

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  2. Sound interesting mate. I think the View Creation date macro that you built for me was very useful for project tracking. Also, auditing and checking of Groups is a real issue for many projects – but perhaps this overlaps with Maller’s course, I’m not sure.

    Are we going to see a “Boost Your BIM Suite” soon? I reckon you should provide all of your free macros in a compiled version – makes them more accessible for the everyman.

  3. Hi Harry,

    I’d like to see some monitoring tools (which may have been mentioned previously) such as a report or even a warning email being sent to the BIM Manager (or nominated model manager) when a family is loaded from outside a designated ‘company family library’ path. Also a way to generate a report on which users are creating the most Warnings in a Revit model. And being able to locate orphaned tags across all sheets (or better yet, tags without leaders that have moved beyond the element they are tagging) is another useful one.

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