6 thoughts on “Upgrading your API applications to a new Revit version – Part 2

    • I just started updating my addins using this great method, thanks again for the info.

      I wanted to note that I also found that you can add the configuration to the Build Events like so:

      if $(ConfigurationName) == 2014 copy “$(ProjectDir)bin\2014\some.dll” “$(AppData)\Autodesk\REVIT\Addins\2014”
      if $(ConfigurationName) == 2015 copy “$(ProjectDir)bin\2014\some.dll” “$(AppData)\Autodesk\REVIT\Addins\2015”

  1. Hello Harry

    thanks for posting this, however, I believe it is better to wrap the revit version dependant code in calls to dependant dll’s (C#projects). This means you don’t have to create multiple builds (and configurations) for multiple versions of Revit. Thus the same addin can be used in multiple revit versions.

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