#AU2013 Wish granted! Convert multiple dimensions into one

Brok asked “Can you via #Revit API combine individual dims into a single string and remove the old dims?”


The tricky part was figuring out how to avoid creating zero-length dimension segments between the references used by adjacent dimensions.

public void dimensionConsolidation()
    Document doc = this.ActiveUIDocument.Document;
    Application app = this.Application;
    UIDocument uidoc = new UIDocument(doc);

    IList<ElementId> idsToDelete = new List<ElementId>();
    ReferenceArray dimensionRefsForNewDimension = new ReferenceArray();

    // list of element ids and geometry objects used to weed out duplicate references
    IList<Tuple<ElementId,GeometryObject>> geomObjList = new List<Tuple<ElementId,GeometryObject>>();

    Line line = null;
    DimensionType dimType = null;
    IList<Element> elementList = uidoc.Selection.PickElementsByRectangle();    
    if (elementList.Count == 0)

    foreach (Element selectedElement in elementList)
        Dimension d = selectedElement as Dimension;

        // take the dimension line & dimension type from the first dimension
        if (line == null)
            line = d.Curve as Line;
            dimType = d.DimensionType;

        foreach (Reference dr in d.References)
            Element thisElement = doc.GetElement(dr);
            GeometryObject thisGeomObj = thisElement.GetGeometryObjectFromReference(dr);

            // do not add references to the array if the array already contains a reference
            // to the same geometry element in the same element
            bool duplicate = false;
            foreach (Tuple<ElementId,GeometryObject> myTuple in geomObjList)
                ElementId idInList = myTuple.Item1;
                GeometryObject geomObjInList = myTuple.Item2;
                if (thisElement.Id == idInList && thisGeomObj == geomObjInList)
                    duplicate = true;

            if (!duplicate)
                geomObjList.Add(new Tuple<ElementId, GeometryObject>(thisElement.Id, thisGeomObj));

    using (Transaction t = new Transaction(doc, "Dimension Consolidation"))
        Dimension newDim = doc.Create.NewDimension(doc.ActiveView, line, dimensionRefsForNewDimension, dimType);


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