What new apps should I build for the ADSK Portathon?

Autodesk is generously offering me (and everyone else) $100 each for submitting up to 5 new apps to http://apps.exchange.autodesk.com/en.

So friends, what new apps should I create?

P.S. The apps need to be submitted to Autodesk by September 14, so small/medium sized utilities will be a better fit than big projects like an FBX Importer

21 thoughts on “What new apps should I build for the ADSK Portathon?

      • I agree with Truels suggestion. Autodesk has a sample app that goes part the way but we have to tell it the initial door swing. Either L or R. We need an app that determines the direction from the project without our input. A swinging door is looked at from the hinge side, typically the door should swing towards you. If you stand on this side and the hinges are on the left then it is a left hand and visa versa. L or R, L&R (double door) and N/A when the door has no hinges. A double swing door could be either.

  1. Something that will highlight any keynotes that have lost their host and show up as blank. Actually a tool that highlights User Keynotes versus the other types would be cool, too. We don’t like User Keynotes in my office, but many people still insist on using them for some reason. Being able to pick out how many there are in a given view would be useful.

  2. Ok, here’s one – something that can create a Key to all 3D section boxes in a project. Something like this either in a Plan View, write the outlines of Section Boxes that intersect the view along with their names… or, in a 3D view, write a transparent 3D extrusion to each Section Box location along with the view name. If a live View Reference could somehow be generated, awesome.

    This is to simplify navigating a Revit model where a point cloud has been used as a background with hundreds of 3D views with Section Boxes…

  3. Hey!, since we are asking for something that does not seem to be out there yet——-Would an app to import acad 2d details into 2d drafting view — then explode, convert to revit line types by acad layer color, convert acad text and leaders to revit text, and convert acad pat into regions be possible? Oh yeah, then purge the drafting view so no lingering acad line types or imports remain.

  4. A tool placing a fille region around a beam in a floorplan : different hatching for steel / concrete / timber that would be great

      • – an offset : to maintain clearly the linetype or the ability to have a parametrised linetype
        – screenshot, a don’t now how to place on this forum.

  5. I have two I would suggest. Both relate to MEP.

    My electrical guys are always asking me how to print out their panel schedules on 8.5×11. To do this, the sheet must be created, and the schedule placed on the sheet to print. If there are dozens of panels, this takes a while, then we have to delete the sheets once we are done. Could this be automated into a program that would create the sheets, place the selected schedules on the sheets, print the sheets, then delete the sheets.

    The second would be to hide in view (on the overall plan view) elements that show up in an enlarged view. Long elements that pass through the area would still be a problem, but element completely contained within that area would save lots of misprints.

    These are some I plan to use to learn programming and using the API, but haven’t had time to play with yet.

  6. Hi Harry,
    for a long time, Revit users have found the site and topo tools in Revit exremely unfriendly. Instead of moving points one by one and adjusting their height indivdually, are you able to create an app that pulls them together in a “sculpting” manner? I think http://artisan4sketchup.com/ that provides a plugin for Sketchup sums up my idea. That would be super cool.

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