“View” Field added to a Detail Item Schedule

Revit 2014 can schedule detail items, but some people still aren’t satisfied because out-of-the-box Revit doesn’t schedule the detail item’s view. Here’s an API solution for that.

// typically this would be done during OnStartup		
public void registerUpdater()
    MyUpdater updater = new MyUpdater(this.Application.ActiveAddInId);

    LogicalOrFilter orFilter =  new LogicalOrFilter
                               (new ElementClassFilter(typeof(View)),
                                 new ElementClassFilter(typeof(FamilyInstance)));

    UpdaterRegistry.AddTrigger(updater.GetUpdaterId(), orFilter, Element.GetChangeTypeAny());
    UpdaterRegistry.AddTrigger(updater.GetUpdaterId(), orFilter, Element.GetChangeTypeElementAddition());

public class MyUpdater : IUpdater
    static AddInId m_appId;
    static UpdaterId m_updaterId;
    public MyUpdater(AddInId id)
        m_appId = id;
        m_updaterId = new UpdaterId(m_appId, new Guid("F2FBF6B2-4C06-42d4-97C1-D1B4EB593EFF"));
    public void Execute(UpdaterData data)
        Document doc = data.GetDocument();
        foreach (Element e in new FilteredElementCollector(doc).OfClass(typeof(FamilyInstance)).OfCategory(BuiltInCategory.OST_DetailComponents))
            Element v = doc.GetElement(e.OwnerViewId);
    public string GetAdditionalInformation() { return "Detail View Parameter"; }
    public ChangePriority GetChangePriority() { return ChangePriority.FloorsRoofsStructuralWalls; }
    public UpdaterId GetUpdaterId() { return m_updaterId; }
    public string GetUpdaterName() { return "Detail View Parameter"; }

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