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Greetings from Revit Technology Conference NA in beautiful Vancouver! This is my first trip to RTC and it is great! Yesterday I gave a presentation titled “Raise the IQ of Your Revit model with the API” and then a fun and wide-ranging late-night API Q&A session with 20+ people.

Here’s a good question that I was asked this morning…

Q.  Is it possible to change the transparency of a category in a view in API? Basically the visibility/graphics dialog?

A. Yes, this is a new addition in the 2014 API. Below is a code sample and screenshot showing the result of this macro.

From the “2014 What’s New”:

Category override

Display of categories can be overridden. This can be done with the new class OverrideGraphicSettings and the new View methods:

  • SetCategoryOverrides
  • GetCategoryOverrides
  • IsOverrideValidForCategory
  • IsCategoryOverridable
public void setCatVis()
    UIDocument uidoc = this.ActiveUIDocument;
    Document doc = uidoc.Document;

    OverrideGraphicSettings ogs = new OverrideGraphicSettings();
    Category wallCat = doc.Settings.Categories.get_Item("Walls");

    using (Transaction t = new Transaction(doc,"Set Overrides"))



6 thoughts on “View Category Overrides

  1. I am trying to list only categories that have overrides (as a way to do some quality control on projects) but am not seeing any way to test this in the API. I loop through views and test to see if it is a template. If it is, I then want to see what categories (just for architectural model) have overrides here is what I am doing:

    foreach (Autodesk.Revit.DB.View v in views)
    string line = “”;
    if (v.IsTemplate)
    line += v.Name;
    line += “\t”;
    line += v.Scale.ToString();
    line += “\t”;
    line += v.ViewType.ToString();
    foreach (Category c in cCats)
    OverrideGraphicSettings ogs = v.GetCategoryOverrides(c.Id);
    line += “\t”;
    line += c.Name;
    line += “\t”;
    line += ogs.CutFillColor.ToString();
    where sw is a StreamWriter declared previously, and cCats is doc.Settings.Categories. I was hoping for something like IsOverridden . . . what can I do?

      • Yes . . . in fact that is what I have, and perhaps it is working as intended but I seem to get the same categories for every view template (which seems unlikely) but perhaps it is correct. But I was hoping to be able to constrict it to only the Architectural model categories. I’ll keep working at it and thanks for your quick reply. Cheers!


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