New App Availabe for download: In-N-Out Family Parameters

Are you creating or modifying lots of Revit Family content?

Or are you quality checking content made by someone else?

Or just looking for an easy way to review or modify type parameter data from many families at once?

Then check out the “In-N-Out Family Parameters” tool which is now available for download!

7 thoughts on “New App Availabe for download: In-N-Out Family Parameters

  1. Is it also posible to add (shared) parameters in excel, if i add a cell with a name and a wuid?

  2. are you willing to add this functionality to the program?
    It would be a usefull programm. We see more and more international collabaration. The national standards are becomming more and more international. Our Dutch Revit standards are talking wirh the ANZRS and the UK standards. This means that families need to be transformed from a national standard to an international standard, adding new parameters.
    If this could be done with your program it would make the effort a lot easier.

  3. and to make it even more functional (but don’t know if it’s posible) if you can edit the formula tab of a parameter. Then you have full functionalitie in excell of your families, and don’t have to edit them one by one by hand.

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