Family Security Guard – AlwaysRequirePassword & AccessRestricted

Thanks to feedback from reader Arno, I’ve added two new features to this app. I hope the provides the flexibility and control that everyone – or almost everyone 🙂 – would like. If not, please let me know.

  1. The password will be required to edit and open all family files if there is “AlwaysRequirePassword.txt” file in the BoostYourBIM-FamilySecurity.bundle\Contents folder.
  2. If this file does not exist, the password will only be required for families that contain a parameter named “AccessRestricted”. The value of this parameter does not matter, only whether or not it exists.

3 thoughts on “Family Security Guard – AlwaysRequirePassword & AccessRestricted

  1. Thanks for the heads up….
    One little remark. Is it possibleto make the accesristricted parameter a yes/no parameter. That way you can put the parameter in all your family template’s and you don’t have to add them every time.

    Do you have a poster of yourself, so i can put it on my bedroom wall. 😉

    • Hi Arno – I have made this change. The password restriction will now only apply if the parameter has a value of 1 (which is the same as it being a Yes/No parameter with a value of Yes.

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