OmniClass API app to create & set shared type parameters

OmniTypeParamsTo follow up my Twitter conservation with Martijn and Aaron, here’s my take on what could be a useful app to create shared type parameters for OmniClass parameters

If you want to use the existing family-wide parameters “OmniClass Number” and “OmniClass Title” then select the “Built-In Family Parameters” radio button.

But if you want to use your own shared parameters so that each family type can have its own OmniClass values, then select the other radio button, select your shared parameter file, the family type, and the text parameters from that shared parameter file that should receive the OmniClass data.

When you push the OK button, the two shared parameters would be created as Type parameters in the family (if they don’t already exist). The OmniCode data selected in the grid control would be set for those 2 parameters.

Is this what would be useful?

12 thoughts on “OmniClass API app to create & set shared type parameters

  1. Now you are talkin… especially if its allowing the data from the Omniclass table to be used in the Shared Parameters. The one crummy thing about using the non-OOTB parameters is the omni number and the omni title are no longer tied. This wouldnt fix that, but it would help a bit.

  2. Hi, when I selected the “Shared Type Parameter” radio button, the Omniclass data went to the built-in family parameters and not to the shared type parameters. Don’t think that suppose to happen, right?

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