Assembly Code & Description – By Type or Family?

I’m putting the finishing touches on the app I mentioned here for setting the UniFormat values for Assembly Code & Assembly Description. The Revit UI has  Assembly Code & Description as Type parameters, so each type of a family can have different values.

But does anyone ever give each Type of the same family a different Assembly Code? Or do you want them to act more like the OmniCode parameters, where every Type has the same Assembly Code?

7 thoughts on “Assembly Code & Description – By Type or Family?

  1. I can’t imagine off the top of my head why you would ever set an assembly code on one type different from another, if that answers the question.

  2. I am kind need a hint if there is a definite procedure on adding assembly codes to Revit Families and how do we do that? How to add assembly codes to all families. How to update the assembly codes of families. Do we have to have 3 levels of families each with different assembly codes for LOD 100 , LOD 200, LOD 300.? What type of assembly codes should I add in a family?

  3. I didn’t mean type of same family, what I meant I need to put assembly codes what is the best way to do it for thousands of families?

  4. Create a schedule and insert the assembly code there…you should get a pop up box notifying you that this change will affect all instances of that “type”.
    You will need to insert the code for each type.

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