API / Journal Hybrid to Set Revisions

As great as the Revit API is, there are still things that it doesn’t fully support, such as helping solve this problem:

When you select one sheet, you have the option to edit the “Revisions on Sheet” field.  When you select multiple sheets, that options goes away

Here is a hybrid approach that uses both the API and Revit journal files.

  • The video starts with an API command where the user specifies the set of sheets to modify (from saved View/Sheet Sets in the RVT file) and the revision number.
  • Then (starting at 0:25 in the video) it uses a journal file to make the revision changes with input from data stored by the API command.
  • After the file loads (at 1:05 in the video) there is approximately 1 second of rapid selection in the project browser and in the Properties dialog. This is the journal replay.
  • At the end of the video I move the cursor and select the 3 sheets to show that that the new revision has been set.

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