13 thoughts on “Password protection for family “Edit Type”

  1. Hello Harry
    it could help for some families (type catalog driven for ex.). but won’t for some others. Could be usefull to do the same for the f* double click editing or editing the family. but could it be stored in the rfa file?

    thanks again for this cool blog. Macro about CAD import is part of my template file now. Awesome!


  2. Hi harry,

    were can we get this add-in ? Is this a document macro or the user have to install it to be promped by a security password ?


  3. Sorry to be the only negative comment here but I could really see a password slowing down the entire work process.

    Instead of restricting access, I would much rather just track who changed a family (and/or what they changed). One of the big issues here is that families exist in two places: the project & our standard family library (on the network). The customized families that exist in the project are not always the problem (until someone copies them into a new project).

    In general, I guess I am just suggesting an idea for another Add-in that would not allow users to copy families or drafting views from project to project (forcing them to use the company standard families and drafting views). This seems to be where the real trouble lies.

    • That’s an interesting thought. I’m curious to know if revit logs the location of the source file of a copy to clipboard. If so, I would think there would be a way to prohibit a copy paste if the source of the copy isn’t from a particular location (i.e. the network library). I’m assuming this info is retained in memory somehow. Assuming what I’ve mentioned is possible, you then could allow certain locations (i.e. the network library or a project specific admin folder) to be the only locations in which families can be loaded).

  4. This is a great idea…I have office standard system families in the template and it would be nice if they became untouchable…Don’t know if it is possible to password protect system families individually…

  5. The concept of this idea sounds wonderful. I am looking for a way to protect my library from being used by other firms. This would be one of the best add-ins I have ever seen if so.

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