Learn API Programming at Codeacadmey

The cool folks at Codeacademy have a new set of lessons to introduce API programming! It focuses on web APIs (instead of the .NET API framework that Revit uses) and gives a lot of great hands-on examples why APIs are so important and how they can be used in a variety of applications.

Maybe there are some cool intersections between these Codeacademy lessons and things we might want to do with Revit. For example, how about sending an email to your teammates when important changes are saved into the central file?

Application Programming Interface: A fancy way of saying “do more.”

Need a map for your site? Don’t code your own — use an API!

APIs let you talk to other web apps like Google Maps and Twitter so that you don’t have to build from scratch.

Simply use an API to borrow another app’s functionality. Easy!

Learn how to create a web app that can:

– Send text messages with Twilio
– Pull videos from YouTube
– Search for songs on SoundCloud
– Get the latest stories from NPR

The possibilities are as wide as the sky.

One thought on “Learn API Programming at Codeacadmey

  1. Maybe when a user imports a DWG, it will send an email to HR that says “Fire me”!

    Love your blog so far! Keep up the good work!!!

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