Quick way to renumber doors, grids, and family instances

A friend asked about a macro to renumber grids in the order they are picked. Here’s how:

public void renumberByPicks()
    UIDocument uidoc = this.ActiveUIDocument;
    Document doc = uidoc.Document;

    // list that will contain references to the selected elements
    IList<Reference> refList = new List<Reference>();
        // create a loop to repeatedly prompt the user to select an element
        while (true)
            refList.Add(uidoc.Selection.PickObject(ObjectType.Element, "Select elements in order to be renumbered. ESC when finished."));
    // When the user hits ESC Revit will throw an OperationCanceledException which will get them out of the while loop

    using (Transaction t = new Transaction(doc,"Renumber"))
        // need to avoid encountering the error "The name entered is already in use. Enter a unique name."
        // for example, if there is already a grid 2 we can't renumber some other grid to 2
        // therefore, first renumber everny element to a temporary name then to the real one
        int ctr = 1;
        int startValue = 0;
        foreach (Reference r in refList)
            Parameter p = getParameterForReference(doc, r);

            // get the value of the first element to use as the start value for the renumbering in the next loop
            if (ctr == 1)
                startValue = Convert.ToInt16(p.AsString()); 

            setParameterToValue(p, ctr + 12345); // hope this # is unused (could use Failure API to make this more robust

        ctr = startValue;
        foreach (Reference r in refList)
            Parameter p = getParameterForReference(doc, r);
            setParameterToValue(p, ctr);

private Parameter getParameterForReference(Document doc, Reference r)
    Element e = doc.GetElement(r);
    Parameter p = null;
    if (e is Grid)
        p = e.get_Parameter("Name");
    else if (e is Room)
        p = e.get_Parameter("Number");
    else if (e is FamilyInstance)
        p = e.get_Parameter("Mark");
        TaskDialog.Show("Error","Unsupported element");
        return null;
    return p;
private void setParameterToValue(Parameter p, int i)
    if (p.StorageType == StorageType.Integer)
    else if (p.StorageType == StorageType.String)

10 thoughts on “Quick way to renumber doors, grids, and family instances

  1. Hi Harry, can you suggest how to improve this code to include the Viewport > Detail Number? I can’t seem to find the string in 2012 API Guide.

    Is it:
    else if (e is ViewSheetSetting)
    p = e.get_Parameter(“Detail Number”);




  2. Hi Harry,
    Is it possible to add an if else statement before the FamilyInstance that would allow me to select a different shared parameter in the Mechanical Equipment category only before it goes over to all FamilyInstance? I was not able to get it to go beyond BuiltInCategory to select this.

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