Using 3D Section Box to set Plan View’s View Range

I was asked if it was possible to set the view range of a floor plan to match the top and bottom extents of a 3d section box. Yes, it is, and here is a little video showing it in action.

  • The view on the left is the 3D view with Section Box
  • The view on the right is the plan view
  • Change the top or bottom of the section box
  • Switch to the plan view
  • Run the macro and the view range is updated
public void SetViewRange()
    Document doc = this.ActiveUIDocument.Document;

    // Get the active view and cast it to a ViewPlan (the API's class for Plan View)
    ViewPlan viewPlan = doc.ActiveView as ViewPlan;

    // Error handling in case the active view is not a plan view
    if (viewPlan == null)
        TaskDialog.Show("Error", "Active view must be a plan view.");
        // return ends the execution of the macro

    // Get the level that generates the plan view
    Level level = viewPlan.GenLevel;

    View3D view3d = null;
        // if there is no 3D view whose name equals viewPlan.Name, then First() will throw an exception
        view3d = (from v in new FilteredElementCollector(doc).OfClass(typeof(View3D)).Cast<View3D>() where v.Name == viewPlan.Name select v).First();
        TaskDialog.Show("Error", "There is no 3D view named '" + viewPlan.Name + "'");

    // Get the BoundingBoxXYZ (a 3D rectangular box) that describes the shape of the Section Box
    BoundingBoxXYZ bbox = view3d.SectionBox;

    // The coordinates of the bounding box are defined relative to a coordinate system specific to the bounding box
    // When setting the view range offsets, the values will need to be relative to the model 

    // This transform translates from coordinate system of the bounding box to the model coordinate system
    Transform transform = bbox.Transform;
    // Transform.Origin defines the origin of the bounding box's coordinate system in the model coordinate system
    // The Z value indicates the vertical offset of the bounding box's coordinate system
    double bboxOriginZ = transform.Origin.Z;

    // BoundingBoxXYZ.Min.Z and BoundingBoxXYZ.Max.Z give the Z values for the bottom and top of the section box
    // Adding the Transform.Origin.Z converts the value to the model coordinate system
    double minZ = bbox.Min.Z + bboxOriginZ;
    double maxZ = bbox.Max.Z + bboxOriginZ;

    // Get the PlanViewRange object from the plan view
    PlanViewRange viewRange = viewPlan.GetViewRange();

    // Set all planes of the view range to use the plan view's level
    viewRange.SetLevelId(PlanViewPlane.TopClipPlane, level.Id);
    viewRange.SetLevelId(PlanViewPlane.CutPlane, level.Id);
    viewRange.SetLevelId(PlanViewPlane.BottomClipPlane, level.Id);
    viewRange.SetLevelId(PlanViewPlane.ViewDepthPlane, level.Id);

    // Set the view depth offset to the difference between the bottom of the section box and
    // the elevation of the level
    viewRange.SetOffset(PlanViewPlane.ViewDepthPlane, minZ - level.Elevation);

    // Set all other offsets to to the difference between the top of the section box and
    // the elevation of the level
    viewRange.SetOffset(PlanViewPlane.TopClipPlane, maxZ - level.Elevation);
    viewRange.SetOffset(PlanViewPlane.CutPlane, maxZ - level.Elevation);
    viewRange.SetOffset(PlanViewPlane.BottomClipPlane, maxZ - level.Elevation);

    using (Transaction t = new Transaction(doc, "Set View Range"))
        // Set the view range

15 thoughts on “Using 3D Section Box to set Plan View’s View Range

  1. Thanks so much for this! Amazing! I wanted to ask, how can it be taken a step further to include Cut Plane? The macro works great for Piping but when I try the same for Receptacles, they disappear and then I have to go in and manually adjust the cut plane. Don’t get me wrong I think this tool is superb!

    • Hi Armando,

      Glad you like it! The cut plane is set with this line.

      viewRange.SetOffset(PlanViewPlane.CutPlane, maxZ – level.Elevation);

      In this implementation the top, bottom, and cut planes all have the same value. What different value would you like the cut plane to have?


  2. Thank you for the tool.
    I keep getting the message “‘SetViewRange.ThisDocument’ does not contain a definition for ‘ActiveUIDocument’ and no extension method ‘ActiveUIDocument’ accepting a first argument of type ‘SetViewRange.ThisDocument’ could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) (CS1061)
    I pasted all “using” statements from your previous posts and nothing helps.

  3. I keep getting 3 errors cs1518 and cs1033 in Revit 2015 any advice.
    I’m just doing copy paste because i know nothing about Macros.
    please help me make this work


    • In 2014, Autodesk obsoleted the View3D.SectionBox Property with the comment “Use View3D.GetSectionBox() or View3D.SetSectionBox() instead.” In 2015, View3D.SectionBox has been removed, so this line must be changed:
      BoundingBoxXYZ bbox = view3d.SectionBox;
      BoundingBoxXYZ bbox = view3d.GetSectionBox();

      But it seems that there might also be a mismatch in your { and } characters. might help, or if you are interested in building a strong foundation of API skills, please take a look at my course at

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