Using the API to solve the Duplicate Type Mark warning

A friend asked how we could use the API to resolve the “Duplicate Type Mark” warnings. This situation occurs when multiple users are adding elements (such as doors) and Revit is automatically numbering the instance parameter “Mark” for each instance. Each independent session of Revit does not know what mark values are being applied in the other sessions of Revit, so the elements in both local files get mark values 1, 2, 3…


Then one user saves their work to the Central File. Then the other user saves their work to the Central File. Now the Central File looks like this.


and the Review Warnings dialog looks like this


You could just ignore these warnings, but your colleagues or CAD Manager might not like that. Anyway, having these warnings cluttering things up can give you that dirty feeling like your Revit model needs to take a shower.

In upcoming posts I will go through the steps of creating an API command that will clean up the model to remove these warnings. I hope you find it interesting and useful!

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